Assisting the Vulnerable victims of Gender Based Violence especially women and girls, offering ongoing counselling in over 10 African languages in the following categories:

  • HIV and AIDS counselling, face to face and telephonically
  • GBV counselling and referrals
  • Chronic disease education and ongoing counselling
  • General Health counselling
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children support and counselling
  • Psyco-social support to the OVC and senior citizens
  • Medical information and referral to our partnering Doctor
  • Trauma counselling
  • Pre and post HIV counselling
  • Adherence counselling
  • And many other forms of support and counselling
  • GBV counselling and referals to other networking organisations nationwide
  • Increase awareness of G.B.V through support groups, t-shirts, pampflets etc
  • All counselling is confidential
  • Improve awareness for survivors by offering on going support and counselling
Candle, opened Bible and flowers isolated on black background

Better Together will use the following coping strategies:

  • Using counselling
  • Problem solving
  • Participation about treatment
  • Using family and social networks
  • Exploring individual potential for control over manageable issues
  • Disclosure of HIV and AIDS and using support options
  • Seeing GBV as a human rights violation and a public health challenge
  • Increase awareness of GBV and its impact
  • Improve services for survivors of violence and strengthen prevention efforts.
  • (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, threats in public or private)
  • Assessing situations of the homeless ophans and refer to other organisations for further management and help.
  • Refer the ophans and vulnerable children to other organisations for help
  • Organise soccer matches for the homeless ophan and scout talent for referral to soccer teams
  • Refer all the vulnerable to relevant government institutions for further assistance

BetterTogether, dedicated to saving lives and improve health

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